Program Activity

Direct Services

The HEARTbeats Foundation strives to help children in need harness the power of music to better cope with, and recover from, the extreme challenges of poverty and conflict. This is accomplished by providing direct services to children and families of need in the form of on-site musical and artistic involvement within a therapeutic context. The services are specially designed to build lifelong skills that will help recipients express grief, improve their emotional well being, and build resilience to overcome environmental challenges.

Current activity includes program specialists consisting of world class musicians and artists alongside trained program specialists administering activities over anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks. Built atop core program components, the foundation will design each on-site activity to incorporate unique cultural and ethnocentric values within traditional European to allow recipients to respond and explore what they hear and what they see by way of passive and active participation while working with material they can find in their environments.

Our inaugural service event included an 8,000 mile journey to Kathmandu, Nepal to debut the pilot programs over a period of 10 days in December, 2010. You can read about our experiences in the Nepal Trip blog.

Following the successes in Nepal, the foundation is currently in the process of designing a year-round program to service children in Kathmandu. Our goal is to provide a drop-in center where program services will be administered and children can have a safe environment to explore and engage in a wide variety of music and art activities within a therapeutic context. To this end, we are exploring opportunities to create a collegiate partnership with the goal of providing a two member team of music and art therapists who will work with children on a regular basis and monitor the quantitative impact of program services.


HEARTbeats Foundation will engage in fundraising activity to fund direct program services. Fundraising efforts will include direct giving development as well as raising funds through sales of recordings featuring donated talents of world class singers, songwriters, and instrumental musicians. All copies of the recording will include educational literature detailing the organization’s mission statement and providing information on beneficiaries.