We’ll Paint You a Rainbow – iTunes


Available at iTunes on March 25, 2013!


Children are the most precious of our world’s resources and, regrettably, one of the most ignored. Their voices are often silent or overlooked as the adults around them wage wars of words or violence. Given a voice, these children have potential and promise to be that “one” voice that steers their generation in a different direction of hope and a future. Meeting them, getting to know them and hearing their voices, we were inspired to help them to find a way to make their lives better by using what they already had inside them.

No project ever comes together without a team effort. The HEARTbeats Foundation has become a proud conduit for bringing people together from all walks of life to support one very important goal: helping children through music. Lynn and I are so grateful for the op¬portunity to work with so many great artists in the making of this album as well as shep¬herding the process along with our friends and fellow artists. When you listen to this very unique compilation of songs and music, keep in mind the thousands of children you helped through the purchase of this album and know your support is changing lives.

The HEARTbeats foundation is a 501(c) (3) charity founded by renowned cellist Lynn Harrell and his wife, violinist Helen Nightengale. Based in Los Angeles, the HEARTbeats Foundation strives to help children in need harness the power of music to better cope with, and recover from, the extreme challenges of poverty and conflict, in hope of creating a more peaceful, sustainable world for generations to come.

The programs created by the foundation provide direct services to children and families of need in the form of on-site musical and artistic involvement within a therapeutic context. The services are specially designed to build lifelong skills that will help recipients express grief, im¬prove their emotional well-being, and build resilience to overcome environmental challenges.

Activity consists of world class musicians and artists alongside trained program specialists. Therapists administering services over a period of a few days to multiple weeks or months. The foundation will design each on-site activity to incorporate unique cultural and ethnocentric values to allow recipients to respond and explore what they hear and see by way of passive and active participation while working with material they can find in their own environments.

Our inaugural service event included an 8000 mile journey to Kathmandu, Nepal to debut the pilot programs over a period of 10 days in December, 2010. You can read about our experiences in the Nepal Trip blog at: http://heartbeatsforchildren.org/nepal2010/

Following the successes in Nepal, the foundation is in the process of designing a year-round program to service children in Kathmandu. Our goal is to provide a drop-in center where program services will be administered and children can have a safe environment to ex¬plore and engage in a wide variety of music and art activities within a therapeutic context. To this end, we are exploring opportunities to create a collegiate partnership with the goal of providing a two-member team of music and art therapists who will work with children on a regular basis and monitor the quantitative impact of program services.

We’ll Paint You a Rainbow is an album of original and existing songs about peace and chil¬dren recorded by some of the most revered names in classical and contemporary music.

All artists are donating their talents without fee to benefit the project.