Bhaktapur Day 3: What I See

We awoke to a picture perfect day here. Mild temperature’s and clear skies which afforded us an endless view of the mountains. We started the day with all the children. We gave them all mirrors and asked them to make different faces and then put all that to music too. Again, a wonderful song written by Neil describing the different faces one makes in the mirrors.

CIMG2584-1024x768It was so wonderful to watch the children – as we did the day before when they were drawing – really looking carefully at their faces and taking such pleasure in what was there. My daughter, Hanna, was a VERY helpful member of the team as she knows the song and was able to help the children mimic the movements.

Lynn spent some time playing and describing different emotions on the cello that the children were then asked to mimic. In the end when Lynn asked what emotion they would like to “hear” or have him play, it was the soft sound of Brahms “Lullaby”. Even the dogs on the street and the loud motorcycles gave us a reprieve for these few minutes. We didn’t have a chance to do the art today but will start with that again on Monday. I think the children really like having free time with the instruments best. They can just make noise and “be”. To them, it’s music, and to us, music to our ears. Extraordinary things are happening here.


On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the field far above the city where the new home for the Unatti Foundation will be built. It will include a room especially for HEARTbeats Foundation programs. It is a very quiet, serene plot of land with a stunning view of Mt. Everest and the rest of the mountains. It almost seems a crime to build a building there. We were joking that perhaps we need to just erect a few yurts and forget the building. Not really practical but so tempting.

An early night after shopping for Yak blankets and we’re off to the monkey temple tomorrow. A day off! Lynn and Drew are heading to Baglung to introduce themselves to Save the Children. A lot on the itinerary, but I so envy them the flight with the view. What an a amazing part of the world.

~Helen Nightengale

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