Bhaktapur Day 1: Affirmation

We’re here! OK, so it just seemed like an epic journey to get here but actually, I was so busy trying to keep my 3 and 6 year old busy I almost didn’t notice. Pretty easy flight, a stop in Hong Kong for a swim and our last Starbucks for a while – although in Hong Kong they sell duckbreast with mango chutney on a chiabatta roll at the Starbucks. It was seriously awe inspiring – for a Starbucks. America should try it.

After an aborted landing in Bangladesh – I did say it was an epic journey – we finally arrived with 30 bags and 13 very tired people. We are staying at a Hyatt whcih is really nice as western toilets are few and far between so at least we can start and end the day without squatting. Too much information?

5266510194_c23d17a851_bOur first day out was spent buying instruments for the children, visiting the Unatti House (  where we are based while we are here , and getting to know the children. We arrived at our new “music room” and were greeted by smiles and excitement. All that increased as we started the day with a fun “hello” song written especially for the children by Margaret Abrahams. We have bought drums,wooden flutes and shakers. Lynn played for them too. They had never seen a cello and also had no idea what a piano was. WE have a lot to learn from THEM.

Today we are going to be talking to them about how they feel when they hear music and they will be helping teach us some of theirs. Just wathcing their faces as they were able to make sounds on what we bought them solidifies for me that we are on the right track.

~Helen Nightengale


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